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By making a donation to the Maryland Carey Law Fund, you are directly supporting the law school's most pressing needs, helping to ensure its strength by supporting the institution's top priorities. This fiscal flexibility allows us to take advantage of opportunities in student and faculty recruitment, career planning services, scholarly research, student organizations, and hands-on training through clinical education.

With your gift, you become a partner in training the next generation of Maryland Carey Law attorneys. Our students will uphold and shape the rule of law and advance our individual and shared wealth in business and industry.

Your continued support of the Maryland Carey Law Fund is critical. It helps our students develop skills they need to become great advocates—effective writing, persuasive presentations, intellectual flexibility, and the ability to anticipate alternative theories. Hands-on teaching style and cutting-edge technology prepare our students for work in the real world.

We can't do this without your help. Annual gifts provide the necessary and critical support that makes Maryland Carey Law School a leader in legal education.

Every gift to Maryland Carey Law matters.



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