2018 Class Gift

2018 Class Gift

Since 2008, Carey Law students have demonstrated remarkable generosity through fundraising efforts for the law school and future Carey Law graduates. With Commencement just around the corner, it's our turn to give back. The Class of 2018 has the opportunity to be part of the tradition by donating to our law school through a remarkable mechanism: the "Class Gift."

Please help us meet our goal of 60 individual donors to this year's Class Gift. This year we are raising funds to support the Scholarship Fund. While there's no minimum, we suggest $20.18.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Cheers to a lasting legacy!



3L Class Board
Matt Schofield, President
Ashley Fellona, Vice President
Sarah Chu, Class Representative
Abbey Beichler, Class Representative
Qingqing Wu, Class Representative

Philanthropy Committee
Chair: Matt Schofield
Vice President and Section A: Ashley Fellona
Section B: Danny Adamson
Section C: Sarah Chu
Section D: Zack Wilkins
Section E: Caleb Gurujal
Section F: Abbey Beichler
Section G: Qingqing Wu
4E Student Representative and Transfer Students: Allison Hoffman
Student Observer: Eric Manski

59 Donors
98% towards 60 Donors

Supported by 59 Donations: